Life goes full circle

Hold on to your faith
no matter what circumstances
/ 18, A

Life is so busy isn’t it? We always seem to keep chasing after something or someone. We’re either chasing that work deadline, that promotion, the need to make a quick buck. Saving up to buy that car, chasing to impress our dream girl or guy. We’re always chasing. How much are we chasing Jannah? One thing we need to understand which is incredibly important is when we pray, not to rush our prayer. Whatever we are rushing to after Salah is in Allah’s hand so pray carefully, lovingly and show Allah there is attention and real passion in your Salah so when you get up from your prayer mat and start chasing again at least your Salah was done peacefully. SHARE if this inspires you.

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Never give advice unless you have walked the walk, because anybody can talk the talk.

—Valencia Mackie (via observando)

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